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Welcome to Dinuba Christian Church's home page. We hope that you will feel that this is a place you can visit often and that you will be  blessed by spending time here. Come, join us for worship.


Special Announcement from Pastor Jim Susee

DINUBA CHRISTIAN CHURCH Policies and Procedures (change due to COVID -19):


Regarding the temporary Congregational In-Person Outdoor Worship Service, and steps being implemented to improve Personal and Corporate Safety while on DCC property.  (While meeting with restrictions currently being allowed by the State, any severe spike in cases will no doubt bring about new restrictions. So, for the good of all, please do your part in keeping us safe. Each person has an individual responsibility to become truthfully informed and at peace with their choices during these unprecedented times. For info, check out, )  Starting June 7 th, 2020, and for an indefinite period of time, Dinuba Christian Church will be re-opening for in-person outdoor public worship. No one is required to attend, as always, and online options will remain available, but now we will also be worshiping in-person, with the following expectations from everyone who attends DCC:


  1. We believe God is Sovereign, He is in charge and we will all answer to Him. But He also gives Free Will. Regarding your personal physical safety, steps are always taken by DCC to help create a physically safe environment, but greater safety is always a matter of personal responsibility balanced with personal freedom. You are responsible for you; you are responsible for your choices.


  1. Instead of DCC making an abundance of rules, we encourage everyone to observe the golden rule, to treat others the way you want to be treated. Another explanation Jesus gave regarding behavior was, “Whatever you have done to the least of these, you’ve done it unto me.” If you make someone feel welcome, you have made Jesus feel welcome. If you make someone feel uncomfortable, you have made Jesus feel uncomfortable. For instance, instead of saying do or do not hug, we prefer to say, “If you don’t know someone well enough to know how to act, find out! Get to know them!” “Be proactive. Listen first, and don’t stop listening. Observe, and ask questions if there is a lack of clarity.” AND “If any behavior makes you uncomfortable, this is a family/friend atmosphere, share how you feel until you feel comfortable.” Above all, we want you to feel respected and loved as well as those who may be visiting.


  1. All are welcome to attend DCC. We desire to be completely Biblical regarding everything you experience while attending DCC. Each member’s personal life, private life, public ministry, and all preaching and teaching should be in harmony with what is portrayed during worship service. We desire to imitate Jesus by being submissive to the government whenever possible. Jesus was a good citizen as clarified in Matthew 22. We also find the concept highlighted in Romans 13. When being led by the Holy Spirit, no laws are needed, because the Holy Spirit will never lead you towards what is not pleasing to God. We want to focus our time together on worshiping the Lord and serving Him only. So, while present on DCC campus, please refrain from politically polarizing statements, speech that is unwholesome, and a focus that is not Christ-centered. We want worship and edifying fellowship to be what happens at DCC.


  1. Regarding the size of our facility, CDC recommended protocols, State restrictions, and an understanding of logistical realities, we believe it will be safer to meet outside for the time being. The greater ease of social distancing, less recommended restrictions regarding singing, and more possibility for active participation in the service, while still being safer than if meeting indoors, is the reasoning behind our outdoor meeting.


  1. Even though open air is safer than recirculated air in a confined space, other safety concerns still need to be addressed while outdoors. We are not having Junior Church, nor nursery attendants, at this time due to restrictions that are still in place state-wide regarding children. If families attend we desire for you to gather in family units for the duration of the service. And a personal freedom and responsibility example, masks and hand sanitizer will be available for all. Please wash hands regularly. If you have any signs of physical illness, please stay home. Please regularly observe social distancing of 6 feet or more even while outside; and please respect the personal space and beliefs of others. We do not want to inadvertently attach a stigma to a personal belief that is personal preference oriented rather than a biblical issue. When in doubt, think about others' safety first.


  1. While our staff is working to clean, disinfect, and make personal hygiene supplies available. If there is ever a time when something needed is not available, please let staff know so they can respond immediately. We always want you to feel safe when with us. ​


  1. Personal freedom and responsibility, and the Golden Rule being followed and conveyed, sum up this update. Whether in-person or online, always have a personal peace about your choices, and always endeavor to be a peacemaker towards others by your words, thoughts, and actions, so you can help them be at peace as well.

Some specifics regarding our re-opening outdoors:


  • The Sanctuary will only be accessible by volunteer staff and paid staff, and their families. For instance, those cleaning the facility, Audio Visual Crew, and Pastoral Staff. Potential exceptions would be, Jim and Judy Melban (entering from Bates, piano prelude, Call to Worship, Communion Meditation, and Postlude) or special meditation, message, or music apart from the outside group.
  • A taped off area will be where the Worship Team and Leaders will enter, in front of the entry to the Sanctuary. This will provide notice for visitors who may be just passing through or who are participating. There needs to be a greater social distance when singing towards, or loudly speaking towards individuals, especially when not wearing a mask. So, anyone making a public address for online broadcast will do so from that area. This will also give easy access and egress to cooling facilities, which will be the Fireside Room, and Fellowship Hall.
  • The restrooms of course will be open.
  • Since we do not wish to broadcast personal/private information online, 10 minutes before service and 10 minutes after service will be for questions, announcements, general conversation, personal prayer information and prayer time. Our two choir mics will be set up at each side edge of the taped off area for individuals to make public comments during that time.
  • Three tables (Bates entrance, Quad entrance, and Saginaw entrance) will have all-in-one prepackaged communion available to all. There will also be masks and hand sanitizer at those stations. And since it is outdoors and in public, we ask for all offerings to simply be given through the office mail slot. The office will remain locked throughout the service.
  • Seating areas will be along the wall of the breezeway in the area known as The Quad, the grassy areas of Saginaw and Bates, and of course, in your car. If you choose to sit, please do not sit in multiple spots. If you desire to be more mobile, come back to the same spot if possible. Social distance standing anywhere other than taped off areas is also an option. The service will be shorter than normal for the foreseeable future, especially as long as current restrictions remain in place.
  • Since children and those who are immune compromised are still being asked to avoid public settings, we will not be extending the online involvement to more than the current online team. The potential of others joining will be limited to the use of the choir mic section. We will adapt as restrictions are lifted for things like special music and meditations. There may occasionally be online exceptions, like for receiving awards or sharing testimonies, but until quarantine is lifted we will still be cautiously compassionate as we softly re-open.



Regarding Private Gatherings, Home Bible Studies and other church functions:


Small gatherings are becoming more commonplace, some restaurants are allowing seating inside, and the U.S.

Constitution and Holy Bible allow for free assembly. But this is an area of continued caution as a local church.

Human nature is a funny thing. For instance, when in-person worship was recently allowed, it was “with-

restrictions”. But that part often gets left out of the average discussion. There are also those who have a little bit

of superstition or false sense of security mixed in with their faith, which produces a vast array of opinions and

perspectives. So, for the time being, we are asking for private home meetings to be privately publicized. For home bible studies to be promoted from the host home. If you are in control of who is coming to your personal event, there is more flexibility.  Personal responsibility for that event is not as risky, because you are in more control of what happens.


Church sponsored events strive to implement the most inclusive, safest options, but it is in a less controlled environment. At DCC, all are welcome, once all are welcome, there is less control, and therefore, more risk. For now, personal events and home studies will be up to each individual and not currently officially sponsored by the church. This will change as state restrictions are lifted. That being said, with the following understanding in common, events like Father’s Day Gift Bags, Men’s Breakfast, OCC packing party, and perhaps even a ZOOM VBS meeting is a real possibility. We will be cautiously creative as we add fellowshipiping  together in person as an option starting this Sunday!

Peace DCC! Hope to see you encounter us this Sunday, either online or in-person! Either way, service will start at 10:30 am.

Pastor Keith


Community Outreach Our Church supports many Missionaries and Community Outreach programs. Open Gate Ministries has a website that explains all of their services. Please click on the link and check out their website.


 1 Kings 19:2 (NIV)
So Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah to say, "May the gods deal with me, be it ever so severely, if by this time tomorrow I do not make your life like that of one of them."
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